DominoPlus and NO-COVID Solutions

DominoPlus is a modular system that re-defines company’s meeting spaces and makes them compatible with the new safety distances recommended during meetings of any kind. It combines materials, technologies and solutions to aesthetics, design and brands, as safety must be “beautiful”.

Desks, receptions, meeting spaces, co-working spaces, showrooms, restaurants..

DominoPlus and Origama’s solutions can adapt to all the different needs of the client.

  • Flexible
  • Stable
  • Original
  • Easily sanitisable
  • Anti-bacterial

1. Original anchoring and stabilization system.

2. Ready to optimize any kind of meeting situation.

NO-COVID Solutions

We plan, make and customize safety solutions in meeting spaces like enterprises, schools, restaurants and hotels..

We do the inspection and the analysis of spaces and needs of the client, and we also take care of the project’s development and its personalization.

  • Spacers
  • Sanitizer dispenser totem holder (combinables with masks and gloves holders)
  • Personalized signs with ministerial recommendations
  • Solutions for the management of specific environments.

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